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Obligatory Newbie Post 
14th-Jan-2010 01:29 pm
Name: Samantha

Age: 31

Location: Texas

How are you creative? I write mostly. Fiction is a passion. But I also sing, write songs from time to time, and paint when the mood strikes me.

General interests: Occult history, metaphysics, literature, archeology, spirituality, art, music, and performance arts among the many other things.

A sample of your creative works: I have a published novel The Tempest's Child and I am currently working to produce several other projects that I want to post online and gain readership and feedback on.

What kind of friends are you looking for? Creative, intelligent, and mature people. While age isn't really an issue, I simply want people who can relate to the issues a writer faces, who can relate to the creative process, and who talk about more than just what happens at the clubs, or what cool video came out etc.  My blog is likely to be full of entries spanning a variety of topics. (Politics, Spirituality, Creativity, Writing progress, Plugs for my work, and ideas for new projects etc. I welcome feedback but I do screen comments to avoid a lot of drama because these can be controversial topics.)

On a side note, I do try to read blogs of people who actively comment on my blogs as well. It is a matter of reciprocity. You get active on my journal and I get active on yours. :-)
14th-Jan-2010 08:22 pm (UTC)
Howdy to ya! Kevin... 35, So Cali. Writing is a passion of mine as well. My blog is a wide assortment of stuff... politics, religion, writing, general goofiness and some long-winded rants. Take a peek and if it interests you, feel free to add!
15th-Jan-2010 01:03 am (UTC)
Absolutely, thanks for the invite. Consider yourself added. I look forward to reading more posts.
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