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Well this is a classic "looking for new LJ friends " post.… 
22nd-Jun-2014 01:01 am
elven glare

Well this is a classic "looking for new LJ friends " post.

First up, I am not in the least worried about nationality, gender, sexuality, religion, age etc (bear in mind age-wise, some of my posts do contain swearing, and occasional smut) , what I do ask is that you are sincere, looking to interact at least from time, and are cool with the fact that I do have a life- and a rather frenetic one- outside of LJ so sometimes I post three times in a day, and other times not for 2 weeks. Oh I will say up front, racism and homophobia are also a no-no around me,

I am 34, from a small fishing town in Southwest England. I live with my elderly Mum, and run myself ragged with several areas of work. By trade I am a secondary school teacher of drama and performing arts, though I keep that to part time supply teaching because of everything else. I also run a small eBay business selling random collectables, I run a local theatre company that specialises primarily in historical dramas (usually high octane ones, think things like Les Miserables, or Romeo and Juliet) and I am one of the main show directors. I am one of the two people running a Three Musketeers touring professional show/ stunt team, I also have my own sword dancing act, I am in a burlesque team, and also a film/ stage actress, and plus-size model.
I have five university degrees, up to and including Masters, including two postgraduate ones, in film&tv production, and teaching theatre.
I have a fiancé, Steve, who lives in another nearby town, who is slightly more down to earth, keeping his theatre stuff and modelling to hobby level, instead of every waking second. Lol.

Outside of theatrical prancing, my hobbies and interests include history, speculative/ alternative history, LARP (when I have time), medieval and historical combat, sci fi, fantasy, the paranormal, occultism, past lives, costuming, dreams, organic gardening, photography, anti-capitalism, making home brew, internet stuff, film making, writing scripts, volunteering with a couple of local groups, otherkin, ...

LJ posts, are about whatever is on my mind, it might be anything from my bottle of vodka, or a cat I met, through to musings on past lives , art, society. and the universe in general, to steamvents about some idiot I met (I am rather intolerant of wilful ignorance, wilful incompetence, commercialism, or malicious people) through to the transcendent joy or apoplectic fury of my performing/ modelling adventures. Any of my interests may be covered, and whatever else is on my alleged mind. I will warn you that I am considered unconventional and bizarre, even by those society often considered bizarre... Don't look for conformity here.

If you're interested in meeting LJ friends, leave a comment below.
I can't promise I will add everyone, but I am likely to add most, :)

C'est moi, as photographed. For one not wearing a historical costume. (This is rare!)

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