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Add Me Creative
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Hello All 
9th-Jan-2014 09:42 pm
I am a Singleton in my almost mid-twenties from Singapore.
I am an Art school graduate who is now in teacher college, training to become an art teacher.
I am a lazy couch-potato ex tom-boy and I love all kinds of stuff...
I enjoy:
history, period clothing, steampunk, nature, New Wave and darker 80s music, fantasy. I love CSI, Criminal Minds and Bones and have just gotten started on Doctor Who
I dabble in container gardening and read alot. Stuff like Tolkien, Patricia Briggs..
I am a rather pessimistic and self-absorbed person...

I am NOT AN ACTIVE LJ blogger. I start and restart blogging but RL ALWAYS INTRUDES..

Friends I am looking for
I am looking for friends- any race, religion, sexuality does not matter as long as you are friendly and not judgmental
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