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Add Me Creative

A place to find creative friends

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An add me community for creative people.

This community is for creative people who are looking to add new friends. By "creative" we mean that your journal often talks about creating things, and that you produce something. This something could be decorating your house, crafts, photography, music, baking, cooking, writing... a lot of things really. The important thing is that you often post about things that you create.

This community is an alternative add-me for those who aren't looking to listen to people constantly talk about their day, or their inner thoughts. That isn't to say that people who do these things aren't welcome, just that they must spend an equal amount or more of their time talking about things they create.

There are no real rules, but we ask that you keep posts not relating to seeking friends out of here. Posts that are off topic will be deleted. Thanks.

When you join, please take a moment to introduce youself. Here is a form you can use:

Please use an lj-cut for large photos and if your introdution is fairly long.

How are you creative?
General interests:
A sample of your creative works:
What kind of friends are you looking for?
Anything else (for example, photos of yourself)?

**New** Please tag your posts. This will make it easier for potential friends to find you.

Help us advertise...

Copy and paste the code into your journal so that our community membership can grow. Thanks!